antique circle love! (circlesend) wrote,
antique circle love!

hey guys! i won't tell you what i told her, but you can view our obnoxiously large

cuz baby haley's a thug

michele + scarf + abstinance butterfly chair = as classy as it gets

hmmm. haley just won't stop thuggin'!

i should be able to think of a funny caption for this one, but i can't

this was the cutest!!

i had to return the, it's TRUE

becky always looks all shoulder-resting and cute and everyone else is always all "jigga whut foo"

i cut myself out because i'm a ridiculous-looking mofo but look how cute my neighbor is!

becky is a moooooose!

we <3 teh intarnet

we took the long treck to my place and were greeted by bailey

there is NOTHING to say about this one except that haley watson = pure sex.


becky is my flirting teacher

i love love love this photo. "oh no you di'int!"

i died, and becky was kind enough to photograph it

haley haley haley i cut her hair haley

she's so lucky she's a star (she's also nailed to the X)

mmmmmhm girl

they were all laughing because they found the big stack of classified papers for my soon-to-be best friend

you try and explain this one, i can't
if you want!
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