antique circle love! (circlesend) wrote,
antique circle love!

hey guys! i won't tell you what i told her, but you can view our obnoxiously large

cuz baby haley's a thug

michele + scarf + abstinance butterfly chair = as classy as it gets

hmmm. haley just won't stop thuggin'!

i should be able to think of a funny caption for this one, but i can't

this was the cutest!!

i had to return the, it's TRUE

becky always looks all shoulder-resting and cute and everyone else is always all "jigga whut foo"

i cut myself out because i'm a ridiculous-looking mofo but look how cute my neighbor is!

becky is a moooooose!

we <3 teh intarnet

we took the long treck to my place and were greeted by bailey

there is NOTHING to say about this one except that haley watson = pure sex.


becky is my flirting teacher

i love love love this photo. "oh no you di'int!"

i died, and becky was kind enough to photograph it

haley haley haley i cut her hair haley

she's so lucky she's a star (she's also nailed to the X)

mmmmmhm girl

they were all laughing because they found the big stack of classified papers for my soon-to-be best friend

you try and explain this one, i can't
if you want!
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is giving you another "comment recieved" enough coolness for last night and the pictures?
holy shit murry, those turned out amazing. especially haley's straightedge-ism. i am saving these pictures forEVER!
love michele
they required quite the photoshop session, but it was worth it, i say!
marie+becky+michele+haley=ORGASM AND A HALF!!!!!!
your hair isn't so pink anymore. its still really cute though. i like your hair when it's a little longer like this.
the picture of haley with the "classified documents" kindo looks like me. i love the one of michelle loving you!
<3 amanda
cute pictures! i see the straightedgeness i wrote on haley stayed on, hehheh. i had to miss out ont the cool picture takeingness! <3
marie! check out what i added to our userinfo!
love, michele
they TOTALLY never notified me about this comment. i'm going to go look now!
i love it! a lot.

way cute
michelle sent me the link to your journal.
i used to live in sudbury.
i moved last year.
you are so gorgeous.
my name is hannah by the way.
oh hello! my name is marie if that didn't make itself evident somewhere. this isn't actually MY journal, and it doesn't get as much use as it should for how fun of a street antique circle is. but it's nice to meet you...